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Citizens United for Lake Placid is organized to unite all members so that they may cooperate with each other in all activities necessary, useful, or expedient to the management and enhancement of the natural beauty of Lake Placid.

Furthermore, to promote the prevention or elimination of threats to the enjoyment and safety of Lake Placid and the members and the union will have greater strength in compelling the attention and assistance of Lake Placid property owners.

GBRA Injunction Granted Draining Stopped

September16, 2019

A temporary injunction was approved today after an agreement between the plaintiffs and the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority (GBRA) was reached. Under terms of the agreement there will be no de-watering of any lakes by GBRA. During the next 30 to 60 days, use of the lakes is prohibited while experts chosen by the plaintiffs and GBRA determine the proper no-go zones above and below each dam. After marking of those zones, use of the lakes will resume. It is expected that a county ordinance will be passed to allow for enforcement and fines for violations. The trial date for the lawsuit is currently scheduled for October 5, 2020, should the case not be settled before. This will allow time for discovery and continued efforts by lakefront owners, associations, and GBRA to come up with long term solutions for the dam repairs.

GBRA Sued for Draining Lakes

September 5th, 2019

The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority on Thursday was sued by two different groups of property owners ahead of its planned dewatering of four lakes along the Guadalupe River scheduled for later this month. Both suits are seeking a temporary injunction or restraining order to block the planned dewatering.

GBRA Town Hall in New Braunfels

June 5th 2019

A special town hall meeting has been called for June 5th at 6:30 p.m. At the City of New Braunfels Convention Center. GM from the GBRA along with others will be present to answer your questions. To be prepared for this meeting I am suggesting viewing the GBRA presentation to the Guadalupe County Commissioners (47 mins.)

Meeting Minutes

Dam Repair Update

Apr 1, 2019

Updated Dam repair schedule info is below. Bottom line, it has already been backed up 2 months!

Hydro Dam Repair Schedule Update

March 20, 2019

Rehabilitation continues to preserve the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority’s (GBRA) 90-year-old hydroelectric system. Recent heavy rain and inflows, flood releases from Canyon Dam and the identification of additional needed repairs delayed work to the various dams and spillway gates. Additional parts are currently being fabricated and temporary repairs are being made to the existing spillgates until a permanent solution can be funded and constructed. Current estimates project repair work to continue through Fall 2019 with lake elevations impacted through the recreational season.

Below is a status update on planned repairs. This revised schedule assumes no additional delays due to weather.

McQueeney Dam (Lake McQueeney) Repair crews will resume work at the site the first week of April, and repairs are expected to be complete in early August. The lake’s elevation will remain lowered for the duration of the repair work.

NNolte Dam (Meadow Lake) The contractor will resume work at the site the first week of April and expects their portion of the work to be complete in July. GBRA crews will then make additional repairs at all three spillgates which are expected to continue through August. The lake’s elevation will remain lowered until repairs are completed.

H4 Dam (Lake Gonzales) Repairs are projected to begin in July after the completion of work at Nolte Dam. The lake elevation will be lowered at that time. The contractor currently anticipates completing work at this site in October.

TP-4 Dam (Lake Placid) Similar to additional repairs identified at Nolte Dam, TP-4 will have additional work scheduled and work will begin after crews have finished at McQueeney Dam. Lake Placid’s elevation will be lowered by 18 inches at that time. The contractor currently anticipates completing work at this site in October.

News and Events for CULP Members

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