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About Citizens United for Lake Placid

Citizens United for Lake Placid, CULP, exists to preserve Lake Placid while promoting a safe and fun environment for all users of the lake.

CULP is organized to unite all members so that they may cooperate with each other in all activities necessary, useful, or expedient to the management and enhancement of the natural beauty of Lake Placid.

Furthermore, to promote the prevention or elimination of threats to the enjoyment and safety of Lake Placid and the members and the union will have greater strength in compelling the attention and assistance of Lake Placid property owners.

Please contact any board member by sending an email to info@lakeplacidtx.org or call 210-213-2529.


In March of 2016, the spill gate at the Lake Wood dam outside Gonzales failed. By the end of the day, the lake was completely drained. A 2019 media report described the situation facing residents: “Three years later, the place for family fun and get-togethers now looks more like a ghost town ... For three years, neighbors in the tight-knit lakefront community have been fighting to get their lake back.” Then on May 14, 2019, the spill gate at Lake Dunlap, just upstream from Lake Placid, also failed.

These events led engineering firms to determine that several of the nearby 92-year-old dams were in eminent danger of failure. On August 16, 2019 the GBRA officially announced its plan to drawdown Lake Placid, along with Lake Gonzales, Meadow, and McQueeney - starting September 16, 2019.

As soon as the GBRA announced the plan to “dewater” Lake Placid, the Board of Directors of Citizens United of Lake Placid (CULP) immediately took action.

Lake Placid citizens raised $236,000 and these funds allowed CULP to join with Friends of Lake McQueeney (FOLM) to pursue legal action against GBRA. Litigation costs amounted to $290,000, which resulted in CULP funding approximately $54,000 of the total, which has severely depleted CULP’s cash reserves. Attorney Ricardo Cedillo, of San Antonio, filed a temporary injunction on behalf of ten plaintiffs, five from CULP and five from FOLM.

This action culminated in a temporary injunction after the findings of a safety study concluded that, with additional lake use restrictions, the lakes would be safe and not be drained before October of 2020.

The temporary injunction allowed time for CULP to pursue a solution with GBRA. CULP has since spent significant resources and countless volunteer hours in extensive consultations with local officials, key state legislators, state agencies, and state officials as part of negotiations with GBRA over the last year to bring us to a point of having a definite workable solution that would ensure that Lake Placid remains a LAKE.

The Solution

Our solution was to form a Lake Placid Water Control Improvement District (WCID) #1 to fund the dam improvements. The Lake Placid WCID was approved by the Guadalupe County Commissioner Court and an agreement negotiated with GBRA. The agreement provided an immediate and sustainable solution by providing access to a possible 0% interest loan to repair our dam, and a dependable revenue source to repay the loan. It also guarantees transparency in the budgeting and auditing process, so residents will know how each dollar is spent and why.

We needed your vote on November 3rd to approve the WCID, and you all came through!

The Water Control Improvement District (WCID) was resoundingly approved.

Over 88% of the lake front property owners voted in favor of all three propositions and the slate of directors for the new WCID. Congratulations to the five CULP members who were elected to the board of the Lake Placid WCID #1: Kevin Skonnard, Jay Haselwood, Robin Dwyer, Ray Thomas, and Randall Cox. They will be working diligently to ensure that our interests are protected as they go through the process of engineering, bidding, and repair construction on our dam.

This is exciting news as it means Lake Placid, as we know it today, and have known it for generations, will remain the beautiful lake we cherish.

An enormous number of hours have been dedicated to this process by the CULP board of directors, their families and friends and many other waterfront property owners and their dedication to this cause is deeply appreciated and applauded.

Board Members


Bill Fisher: President/Treasurer - bfisher2009@hotmail.com - 210-213-2529

Jeanette West: Vice President - j.west57@sbcglobal.net - 210-710-4917

Ron Hermes: Secretary - hermesdana555@gmail.com - 830-534-5544


Kathy Campbell - campbell.elitewindows@gmail.com

Clark Weldon - cpweldon@sbcglobal.net

Kelly Cox -

Craig Russell - Riohondo@lazyuranch.com

Liz Hilsdorf -

John Martin - vincentone@satx.rr.com -

Chris Nelligan-Davis -

Aleece Nelson -


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