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Citizens United for Lake Placid
Board Members

Please contact any board member by sending an email to info@lakeplacidtx.org or call 512-942-9617.

Kevin Skonnord - Lake Placid Estates Central - President

Jeanette West - Blumberg Park - Vice President

Ron Hermes Blumberg Park Secretary

Bill Fisher North Central Lake Placid Treasurer

Don McGhee - Lake Placid Estates North - Board Member

Kelly Cox - Lake Placid Estates South - Board Member

Larry Sams - Pecan Cove Central - Board Member

Kathy Campbell - Pecan Cove South - Board Member

Jay Haselwood - Pecan Cove North - Board Member

Liz Hilsdorf - North Lake Placid - Board Mmber

Robin Dwyer - North Lake Placid - Board Member


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If you own property in and around Lake Placid
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